The Budding Staff

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This little book looks at some of God's most significant encounters with His great leaders - David, Elijah and Eliaha. But the lessons of our grat leaders are not left with them. Lilo takes these lessons forward a few thousand years to speak to us. Here is the chance for a supernatural encouter. Trough this writing, God can speak to you and transform you. Be blessed and be challenged.

The Rev'd Dr. Andrew White

Baghdad & Jerusalem

Lilo Keller's amazing new book, The Budding Staff, is a blueprint for successful living. She has presented simple truths in a straightforward, easy to understand way. God planted seeds in your life that can produce much fruit. Begin to see yourself as a bud that will soon bloom. You were created for greatness! The Budding Staff is a marvelous guide to walking in kingdom realities right here on the earth.

Gary Oates

Author, Open My Eyes, Lord

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